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I 91965(MQ) / 81965(GQ) / 5500 (FCC) Listenlng and speaking skills,Methodology and Perspectives of Business Education,Legal Method, Legal Language and Legal Writing,Law of Tort including MV Accident and Consumer Protection Laws,Noval, Nadakam, Sanchara Sahithyam
II 0 Modern English Grammar and Usage,Principles of Management,Managerial Economics,Law of Crimes - Paper - I - Penal Code,Law of Contract
III 35965(MQ) / 25965(GQ) / 500 (FCC) Business Communication and Management Information System,Financial Accounting,Business Environment and Entrepreneurship Development,Jurisprudence,Special Contracts
IV 0 Marketing Management,Advanced Financial Accounting,Business Statistics,Constitutional Law - I,Family Law - II
V 35965(MQ) / 25965(GQ) / 500 (FCC) Banking Theory and Practice,Law of Crimes -Paper - II - Criminal Procedure Code,Civil Procedure Code and Limitation Act,Family Law - II ,Constitutional Law -II
VI 0 Corporate Accounting,Cost Accounting,Interpretation of Statutes and Principles of Legislation,Administrative Law,Law of Evidence
VII 35965 Auditing
VIII 0 Applied Costing
IX 35965 Private International Law
X 0 Trade in Intellectual Property