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B.A English

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I 9000 Listening Speaking and Reading,Malayalam Kavitha,Writing on Contemporary issues,Reading Poetry,History of English Literature I,Principles of Political Science
II 9000 Environmental Studies,Modern English Grammer and Usage,Malayalam Gadya Sahithyam,Reading Drama,History of English Literature II,Introduction to Political Theory
III 9000 Writing and Presentation Skills,Drishyakala Sahithyam,Reading Fiction,Twentieth Century Malayalam Literature in English translation,History of English Literature III,Public Administration
IV 9000 Reading in Literature,Vinimayam, Sargatmaka Rachana, Bhasha Bodham,Reading Prose,Informatics,History of English Language,International Politics
V 9000 Literary Criticism,Indian Literature in English,Film Studies,Linguistics and Phonetics,Post Colonial literatures in English,Communicative Applications in English
VI 9000 World Classics,Methodologies and Perspectives of Humanities,English for the Media,Women"s Writing,Creative Writing,Project