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B.Sc. Physics

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I 11250 Listening Speaking and Reading,Malayalam Kavitha,Basic Mechanics & Properties of Matter,Electronics I,Differensiation & Analytical Geometry
II 11250 Environmental Studies,Modern English Grammer and Usage,Malayalam Gadya Sahithyam,Classical Mechanics,Electronics II,Integration and Vectors
III 11250 Writing and Presentation Skills,Drishyakala Sahithyam,Thermo Dynamicas and Statistical Physics,Electronics III,Differential Equations, Theory Equations, Theory of Matrices
IV 11250 Reading in Literature,Vinimayam, Sargatmaka Rachana, Bhasha Bodham,Electrodynamics,Electronics IV,Complex Numbers, Fourier services and Fourier Transform,Practical Electronics
V 11250 Methodology in Physics and relativistic Mechanics,Quantum Mechanics,Electronics,Atomic and Molecular Physics,Open Course,Mechanics, Properties of matter, Error Measurement, Heat and Accoustics
VI 11250 Solid State Physics,Nuclear Particle Physics,Classical and modern Optics,Computer Science,Elective Course,Optics, Electricity and magnetism,Electronics and Computer Science,Project